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Cooperating with students and supervisors

Most questions submitted to the Science Shop can be transformed into Bachelor or Master dissertation topics. The Science Shop recruits students who are prepared to take on these topics. We also rely on supervisors to help with the scientific support of these students.

Good reasons for students to choose a Science Shop topic

  • you work on a socially relevant topic and help an organisation
  • you learn to apply theoretical knowledge in practice
  • during your research, you can turn to the Science Shop with any problems or questions
  • your dissertation serves a purpose and your research results will actually be used
  • the experience you get looks really good on your CV
  • the network you develop may prove useful in your future career

Extra coaching and support for students and supervisors

The Science Shop

  • acts as a mediator between student, supervisor and organisation
  • organises a kick-off meeting with all of the parties involved to discuss the research focus
  • writes reports after all of the meetings
  • can provide logistical support (e.g. lending a dictaphone)
  • can give tips on writing a dissertation (e.g. in the form of a study guide and/or workshop)
  • serves as a contact point for all questions and problems

considers the options for disseminating the research results via a website, newsletter, press release, magazine, study day and so on in consultation with the student, supervisor and organisation


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