Centre for Urban History (CSG) at University of Antwerp

Established in 2003, the Centre for Urban History at the University of Antwerp (CSG) examines urbanised societies from the middle-ages to the present.

Situated in the heart of the old, urbanized core of the Southern Netherlands and later Belgium, the Centre for Urban History analyses patterns of urbanization and what urban living does to people and the broader environment.


Centre for Urban History Stadscampus
Office D.314
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerp

CSG News
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    Vacancy for doctoral student Managing the Crisis
    The PhD-project aims to unravel how traders dealt with trade impediments and war violence during the Napoleonic era, by looking at smuggling practices and other ways of organizing trade in a legal or illicit way.
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    Vacancy for doctoral student GIStorical Antwerp II
    The Centre for Urban History in the Faculty of Arts and the Urban Studies Institute are seeking to fill a full-time vacancy.
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    Vacancy for doctoral student Shock Cities
    Interested in opening a new perspective on the biggest economic and demographic crisis in European history - the crisis of the 14th century? Then, shock cities is the project for you! In our society, the vulnerability of cities to food shocks is a major issue.