Key publications

Resistivity scaling in metallic thin films and nanowires due to grain boundary and surface roughness scattering
Moors Kristof   Sorée Bart   Magnus Wim  
Microelectronic engineering - ISSN 0167-9317-167 (2017) p. 37-41
Strained graphene Hall bar
Milovanovic S. P.   Peeters François  
Journal of physics : condensed matter - ISSN 0953-8984-29:7 (2017)
Doping anatase $TIO_{2}$ with group V-b and VI-b transition metal atoms : a hybrid functional first-principles study
Matsubara Masahiko   Saniz Rolando   Partoens Bart   Lamoen Dirk  
Physical chemistry, chemical physics - ISSN 1463-9076-19:3 (2017) p. 1945-1952
Surface states and positron annihilation spectroscopy: results and prospects from a first-principles approach
Callewaert Vincent   Saniz Rolando   Barbiellini B.   Partoens Bart  
Journal of physics : conference series - ISSN 1742-6588-791 (2017)
New insights into the nanostructure of innovative thin film solar cells gained by positron annihilation spectroscopy
Eijt S.W.H.   Shi W.   Mannheim A.   Callewaert Vincent   Saniz Rolando   Partoens Bart   Butterling M.   Schut H.   Egger W.   Dickmann M.   Hugenschmidt C.   Shakeri B.   Meulenberg R. W.   Barbiellini B.   Bansil A.   Melskens J.   Zeman M.   Smets A. H. M.   Kulbak M.   Hodes G.   Cahen D.   Bruck E.  
Journal of physics : conference series - ISSN 1742-6588-791 (2017)
Unique opto-electronic structure and photo reduction properties of sulfur doped lead chromates explaining their instability in paintings
Rahemi Vanousheh   Sarmadian Nasrin   Anaf Willemien   Janssens Koen   Lamoen Dirk   Partoens Bart   De Wael Karolien  
Analytical chemistry - ISSN 0003-2700-89:6 (2017) p. 3326-3334
Exciton states in a circular graphene quantum dot: Magnetic field induced intravalley to intervalley transition
Li L. L.   Zarenia Mohammad   Xu W.   Dong H. M.   Peeters François  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-95:4 (2017)
Sulfur-alloyed Cr2O3 : a new p-type transparent conducting oxide host
Dabaghmanesh Samira   Saniz Rolando   Neyts Erik   Partoens Bart  
RSC advances - ISSN 2046-2069-7:8 (2017) p. 4453-4459
Effects of spatially engineered Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in ferromagnetic films
Mulkers Jeroen   Van Waeyenberge Bartel   Milošević Milorad  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-95:14 (2017)
Reversible structural transition in nanoconfined ice
Satarifard V.   Mousaei M.   Hadadi F.   Dix James   Sobrino Fernández Mario   Carbone P.   Beheshtian J.   Peeters François   Neek-Amal Mehdi  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-95:6 (2017)
Large $CO_{2}$ uptake on a monolayer of CaO
Berdiyorov G. R.   Neek-Amal M.   Hussein I. A.   Madjet M. E.   Peeters François  
Journal of materials chemistry A : materials for energy and sustainability - ISSN 2050-7488-5:5 (2017) p. 2110-2114
Structure and vacancy distribution in copper telluride nanoparticles influence plasmonic activity in the near-infrared
Willhammar Tom   Sentosun Kadir   Mourdikoudis Stefanos   Goris Bart   Kurttepeli Mert   Bercx Marnik   Lamoen Dirk   Partoens Bart   Pastoriza-Santos Isabel   Pérez-Juste Jorge   Liz-Marzán Luis M.   Bals Sara   Van Tendeloo Gustaaf   Perez-Juste Jorge   Liz-Marzan Luis M.  
Nature communications - ISSN 2041-1723-8 (2017)
Wigner crystallization in transition metal dichalcogenides : a new approach to correlation energy
Zarenia Mohammad   Neilson D.   Partoens Bart   Peeters François  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-95:11 (2017)
Pattern formation in vortex matter with pinning and frustrated intervortex interactions
Zhao Haijun   Misko Vyacheslav   Tempere Jacques   Nori F.  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-95:10 (2017)
Electro- and opto-mutable properties of MgO nanoclusters adsorbed on mono- and double-layer graphene
Shayeganfar Farzaneh   Beheshtiyan Javad   Neek-Amal Mehdi   Shahsavari Rouzbeh  
Nanoscale - ISSN 2040-3364-9:12 (2017) p. 4205-4218

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