Key publications

Ergonomic design of an EEG headset using 3D anthropometry
Lacko DaniĆ«l   Vleugels Jochen   Fransen Erik   Huysmans Toon   De Bruyne Guido   Van Hulle Marc M.   Sijbers Jan   Verwulgen Stijn  
Applied ergonomics : human factors in technology and society - ISSN 0003-6870-58 (2017) p. 128-136
Non-commutative deformations and quasi-coherent modules
Dinh Van Hoang   Liu Liyu   Lowen Wendy  
Selecta mathematica: new series - ISSN 1022-1824-23:2 (2017) p. 1061-1119
An application of approach theory to the relative Hausdorff measure of non-compactness for the Wasserstein metric
Berckmoes Ben   Hellemans Tim   Sioen Mark   van Casteren Johannes A.  
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications - ISSN 0022-247X- (2017) p. 1-19
Quasi-frobenius-lusztig kernels for simple lie algebras
Liu Gongxiang   Van Oystaeyen Freddy   Zhang Yinhuo  
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society - ISSN 0002-9947-369:3 (2017) p. 2049-2086
Computational complexity, torsion-freeness of homoclinic Floer homology, and homoclinic Morse inequalities
Hohloch Sonja  
Nonlinearity - ISSN 0951-7715-30:6 (2017) p. 2547-2565

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