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Master of Computer Science: Software Engineering

Quality, facts and figures

Quality assurance

Each degree programme at the University of Antwerp is subject to a six-year quality assurance cycle with halfway a moment of internal process monitoring and guidance.

The six-year quality assurance cycle is concluded with a peer review. Based on a self-reflection, the study programme engages with a peer review team consisting of internal and external experts and a student.

On 7 and 8 May 2018 the peer review team visited the master computer science and decided to confirm confidence in the programme.

The programme deliberately chooses a broad bachelor’s program with a large core of mandatory courses. The peer review team also considers it a strong point that it is a robust programme. The curriculum of both the bachelor’s and master’s programme has a strong scientific content. The programme is characterized by individual guidance of students, with frequent (personal) feedback. This is accompanied by a great commitment and willingness to listen from the teachers.

The peer review team asks the programme to thoroughly take its activities to heart again on various points. The programme needs to work out a supported vision in order to be able to make choices and decisions. The programme confronts these challenges in its development plan. They will better reflect the added value of the management and entrepreneurship option among the students. In addition, the guidelines for the research project I and II will be reviewed and reformulated in order to differentiate both subjects more transparently and to make the link with the master's thesis explicit. Through a more strict intake policy the programme wishes to identify the gaps in prior knowledge of international candidates. This renewed intake policy will be combined with more support for the incoming students. The programme will also take a number of measures to encourage outgoing mobility and to facilitate it more systematic. The peer review team acknowledges the intention of the programme to involve alumni and the professional field in a more systematic way. 

Facts and figures

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Amount of enrolment

The graph below shows the number of students enrolled for the first time in the Master programmes Computer Science during the academic years 2012-2018.

Master Computer Sciences - enrolment

Degrees awarded

The graph below shows the number of degrees awarded for the Master programme Computer Science during the academic years 2012-2017.

Master Computer Sciences