Is this your first higher education degree? The University of Antwerp offers high quality academic Bachelor's programmes in different fields. Except for one, all Bachelor's programmes are taught in Dutch. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a Bachelor's programme in EnglishBachelor of Social-Economic Sciences. A Bachelor's programme equals to 180 ECTS credits and takes three years to complete.

You already have a first higher education degree but you are looking for further opportunities? The University of Antwerp offers various Master's programmes taught in English. A prior Bachelor's degree of at least three years (= a minimum of 180 ECTS credits) is a prerequisite for all Master's programmes. 

The University of Antwerp also offers a wide variety of Advanced Master's and Postgraduate programmes. Advanced Master's programmes comprise of 60 ECTS credits and provide specialisation opportunities for holders of a particular Master's degree. Postgraduate studies involve study programmes of minimum 20 ECTS credits, awarded by a certificate. A degree is not awarded upon completion. 

All programmes at the University of Antwerp are regularly assessed through (inter)national quality review procedures.