​Here you can meet students from all over the world!

What I like most…
The international atmosphere at UAntwerp. You can meet students from all over the world! People are also open-minded, and we learn new things from each other. I could say that I never had a home sick moment, since I feel like home here. I live in a student house with students from Spain, Italy , Netherlands, Belgium... I can definitely recommend UAntwerp to other students. The education is good, the tuition fees are reasonable and the city of Antwerp is really nice. It is not too chaotic and not too big, it’s just the right size.  It is also very easy to travel to other cities in Europe from Antwerp which is very nice if you want to make the most of your stay here.

System of education
I like the education system at UAntwerp. It’s a bit hard for me to compare with my home university, because there I studied a bachelor’s degree, and here I study a master’s degree, so it’s not the same. What I notice is that students in the classroom put a lot more effort in participating, they are really active and interested and study hard. They are really involved in the class, which is quite different from my home country, where students hesitate to participate or to answer questions. In Asia students are more shy and afraid of making mistakes.

Why did you choose to study at UAntwerp?
I chose UAntwerp because the quality of education is high and the tuition fees are reasonable, which is decisive to me. I also compared with universities in other countries like UK or US but the tuition fees there are way more expensive.

Did you experience any difficulties upon your arrival?
I have no problems with communication here, because almost everyone speaks English, so that’s not an issue for me. But I think this is only true for the Flemish area (Northern region of Belgium called Flanders). When I was in the French speaking area (Southern region of Belgium called Wallonia), this was a bit different, since some people spoke only French, and no English.

How do you value your experience of studying at UAntwerp?
I’ve already learned a lot from my stay in Antwerp. Apart from studying I also travel a lot in Europe, and hanging out with other international students is another favorite pastime. I’m convinced I developed my critical thinking skills a lot, as during the studies we have to discuss about various topics, think carefully and learn to use a business approach to look into things. I believe my degree will give me an advantage on the job market in Thailand as well as other countries  as European degrees are highly valued internationally.

To students thinking about enrolling at UAntwerp
Come! You will have the best time of your life because student life here is fun, you’ll learn a lot and meet people from all over the world. I think the decision of coming here is one of the best in my life!