Business Economics

Master of Science in Business Economics

Change the game with your degree

Ready to level up your skills in business and economics? To tackle today's challenges, armed with a critical and sustainable mindset? 

With the one-year Master's of Business Economics (60 ECTS credits), you'll be out making a tangible impact on society, before you know it.

In this programme, you'll dive deep into cutting-edge methodologies and practical cases, as you explore the most pressing economic issues that businesses are facing today. With majors in Accounting, Data Science, Digital Organization, Finance, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, or Strategy and Organization, you can tailor your degree according to your personal interests and career aspirations.

New and improved curriculum

Exciting news... The Master's in Business Economics has gone through a transformation! The new and improved programme, set to launch in the academic year of 2024-2025, will have:

  1. even more flexibility and greater specialization possibilities
  2. even more opportunities for internationalisation, skills development and access to practice
  3. a brand new offer in Transport and Logistics
  4. an enhanced offer in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

​Rankings and accreditations

Job opportunities

After you complete the Master of Business Economics, tons of exciting job opportunities will be at your fingertips. You'll have your pick of positions in the consultancy, audit and assurance, banking and insurance sectors, or at industrial and commercial organisations.

Over the past decade, 89% of our graduates found jobs within 6 months. They are making their mark all over the world, working in 39 different countries.

But, if you'd like to stay in Belgium to work after graduation, you have a full orientation year to either find a job or start your own company. On average, we see that 1 in 3 students end up staying in Belgium.

Double degree

The Master of Business Economics also offers a unique double degree programme, together with Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (ULB). This gives you the opportunity to study at two top schools in Belgium and obtain two Master's degrees in two years' time

In the first year, you study Economics in Brussels, and in your second year Business Economics in Antwerp.