As a student, the idea is that you take - or better yet: actively participate in - classes and exams.


You will be introduced to various types of instruction such as lectures, exercise sessions, seminars, practicals, interactive lectures and so on. Lecturers will also give you assignments or cases to work on alone or in groups with other students. This mix of teaching methods will allow you to acquire knowledge and insight as well as developing the necessary skills for your career.

You can find a lot of information about your programme components in the University of Antwerp's electronic learning environment. Many lecturers use the learning environment as an important channel for organising lectures, supervising students, setting and collecting assignments and posting announcements.


The exams for most programme components are usually organised at the end of each semester, i.e. in January and June. If you need a second chance for one or more programme components you can sit the exams again during the second session in August/September.

Some programme components also carry out assessments during the semester, in the form of mid-term exams or assignments, for example. Formative tests help you assess whether you have understood and revised the course materials properly, or whether you need to adapt your learning methods and earmark more time for study. The semester exams always come round sooner than you think...