2019 | Basic Skills for Digital Archives and Editions

From 29 June to 3 July 2019, the University of Antwerp's Literature Department hosted an intensive 5-day entry level hands-on course on making digital editions and managing digital collections. In this course, participants acquired a set of basic computer skills to share and reuse images through IIIF (using Raspberry Pis); transcribe the texts on these images in TEI-XML; and prepare their transcriptions for the web.

Keynote Speakers

Huw Jones – Cambridge Digital Library

Opening keynote, Monday 1 July.

Huw Jones is Head of the Digital Library Unit and Digital Humanities Coordinator at Cambridge University Library, working with researchers, curators, and technical staff to make the Library’s special collections accessible online. Cambridge Digital Library is our main platform for digital humanities, containing more than 30,000 items, from the papers of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, to manuscript and photograph collections representing the global scope of the Library’s physical collections.

Magdalena Turska – eXist-db & TEI Publisher  

Closing keynote, Friday 5 July

Magdalena Turska is a software developer and co-author of the TEI Publisher - a publication platform for TEI/XML corpora. She is a contributor to eXist-db project and since 2015 she is an elected member of the TEI Consortium’s Technical Council. As a DiXiT Marie Curie experienced researcher at IT Services, University of Oxford she was a member of the TEI Simple project and one of the authors of the TEI Processing Model. Earlier she was a co-editor of the Corpus of Ioannes Dantiscus’ Texts and Correspondence. She works on various academic projects in Digital Humanities, teaches advanced TEI encoding, XSLT and XQuery and often helps projects with data modeling and application design.



The bulk of the summer school's training programme will be taught by Wout Dillen, Joshua Schäuble, and Dirk Van Hulle. Together, this team has expertise in teaching the theory and practice of Textual Criticism and Digital Scholarly Editing, as well as a series of associated technologies such as XML, XSLT, XPath, and Command Line Interfaces. The tutorial on IIIF that will be form the basis of the summer school's first week was developed by Joshua Schäuble and Wout Dillen.

External Workshop Tutors

On Thursday 4 July, the sessions and Xpath and XSLT will be taught by Tiziana Mancinelli of the University of Cologne. Tiziana does not only have much experience with Textual Criticism and Digital Scholarly Editing in general, but also specifically with teaching and tutoring Xpath, XSLT, and eXist-db workshops.

In addition, keynote speaker Magdalena Turska will also tutor a hands-on session on the TEI publisher on the day of her keynote (Friday 5 July), together with Wolfgang Meier –  the founder and lead developer of the eXist-db open source project and director of eXist Solutions GmbH, which was created by community members to better support professional users of eXist-db. Besides working on eXist-db since 16 years, he has developed a number of related tools, including the TEI Publisher, an implementation of the TEI Processing Model. He has contributed to a large number of international academic and commercial projects during the past years.









Praise for the Summer School (2019)

"I enjoyed the course thoroughly. The learning and overall athmosphere was constructive and the degree of intensity of the sessions for me just right. [...] Thank you to all organizers and instructors for making this summer school possible!"

"The set-up of these sessions was excellent. Building towards a goal, step by step, really paid off."

"The course was very useful and I loved the teacher's energy."

"This is a wonderful initiative, well organized by a friendly and accessible team. I left the course with a sense of digital curiosity, looking to explore the things we learned myself in more detail."

"It was a great opportunity to learn some new skills in DH (very useful to my job!) and meet some professionals and others in the field of DH!"

"Please, keep organizing courses like this. We need them! And there are extremely useful and entertaining."