Arts and Media Archaeology | Summer School | Antwerp Summer University

Summer School | 26-30 August 2024

Join us on a journey through the linked histories of media and performance. Experiment with old and new technologies and explore the sensory dimensions of media. Engage with leading experts, collaborate with contemporary artists, and become part of a dynamic learning experience, questioning, experimenting, and critically analyzing the role of media in our past and present. 

The second edition of the Arts and Media Archaeology Summer School will focus on the interplay between media developments and performative culture, spanning from the late eighteenth century to the present day. Through lectures, artist talks, re-enactments and interactive hands-on experimentation, the summer school programme aims to foster students’ ability to think through media by questioning their materiality, sensory properties, and its role as a historical source. The Summer School is aimed at research MA and PhD students and more advanced artists and researchers in the field of Arts, Performance, Media and Cultural History from the University of Antwerp and other universities in Belgium and abroad. Find out more.

This Summer School is organized in the framework of Science at the Fair: Performing Knowledge and Technology in Western Europe, 1850-1914 ( a five-year research project coordinated by Nele Wynants, funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Organised by Nele Wynants, in collaboration with Eva Andersen, Bart G. MoensElisa Seghers

Image: Special magic lantern performance by Ditmar Bollaert, Els Prevenier and Kurt Vanhoutte, AMA Summer School 2023 © Julie De Smedt