Impressions of the 2023 edition:

"The summer university had a great impact on my current research and artistic practice. The set-up of the university of putting researchers, post-docs, artists and professors together was extremely refreshing."

"Antwerp is amazing and UAntwerp reflects this beauty: a very friendly and high-level academic environment, great opportunities, and impeccable experience management. The balance between art professionals and scholars, the different social activities (including performances) and the calibre of the keynote speakers (among them, of particular importance is the presence of Erkki Huhtamo of course) make the realization of such a high-value event possible. As a confirmation of this, the peers' group of scholars who attended the last edition still keep in contact, proving that the days of exchange and mutual enrichment have created strong and lasting relationships. In this sense, I can only recommend the ARIA Arts & Media Archaeology Summer School, and I hope to attend it again."

Capturing the AMA atmosphere: