Children’s Literature | Summer School

Illustratie: © Shamisa Debroey

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Summer School | 3-7 July 2023

The Children's Literature summer school offers plenary lectures, workshops and optional activities related to books for children and adolescents. Participants choose workshops from four thematic strands: 

  • history of children’s literature
  • multimodality in children’s literature
  • children as readers
  • ecology and children’s literature

Confirmed speakers include Clémentine Beauvais, Justyna Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Giuliana Fenech, Macarena García-González, Marah Gubar, Vanessa Joosen, Anna Kérchy, Krzysztof Rybak, Lara Saguisag, and Eve Tandoi.

The Children's Literature Summer School will be held on campus. Join us in Antwerp, Belgium! Find out more.