Project designer in Laboratory Animal Research 

This programme teaches and trains you how to use laboratory animals in an optimal and most refined way in your research in accordance with the Belgian and European legislation. It involves online pre-training, tutor sessions, case studies, group work and role play to grasp all the different aspects of animal research.

Target group

The summer school is designed for PhD, postdoc and professionals in Life Sciences and active in biomedical research involving the use of laboratory animals.

Requirements: academic degree certificate in life sciences (or related domain if relevant experience)

Number of participants: maximum 24


This summer school takes place at Campus Drie Eiken (Universiteitsplein, 2610 Wilrijk) of the University of Antwerp. This campus can be reached from the city centre by bike or public transport. 

Micro-credential and study credits (ECTS)

Successful completion of the summer school can be awarded with 6 credits according the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 

All certificates of completion are issued as a micro-credential. 

Certificate Function B (FELASA)

Upon succesfull completion of the summer school, you obtain a Function B (FELASA) certificate.

In addition, undergraduates in biology and veterinary medicine receive a Flemish and Wallon Categorie C certificate, whereas other undergraduates receive a Categorie B certificate.