Your conference, event or project online?

Organising a conference or major event? Working on an interesting project or research project? A good website is essential to let the world know about your event, conference or project.

Subsite on or an external site?

Within the UAntwerp website you can easily build a subsite for an event, conference or project. Some conferences or research projects have an externally hosted website, separate from Let’s review the options. 

Site structures at UAntwerp

Building your website within the UAntwerp website structure immediately provides a number of advantages.


  • Fast service 
  • User-friendly content management system: we have more than 500 trained decentralised web editors, so it is best that one of them manages your website. 
  • Support for and advice on web editing and search engine optimisation. 
  • Customised registration forms with online payment options
  • Clear link with the University of Antwerp house style = confidence. 
  • The website is hosted on the server => maintenance and continuity is assured. 
  • Web statistics in Google Analytics. 
  • The content management system offers a multitude of content elements: text / photo album / video / useful links / calls-to-action / calendar or news module / contact blocks, etc. 
  • Own domain name is possible, and it is linked to the correct website within 
  • Last but not least: it is free. 


  • Use the existing templates and the house style. The use of the UAntwerp house style is required, which creates confidence and recognisability. Your website can be personalised with your own header image (image - not a logo!), your own images, your own information architecture, choice of content elements per page, etc. But there is no other tailor-made design: text colour and style / design of content elements / page templates, etc. are fixed. 
  • You can use your own domain name link (info in Dutch), but the URL bar at the top will always show the URL. Otherwise this would cause problems for search engines and Google Analytics. 


External site

Many conferences or research projects cooperate with other partners and therefore have their own externally hosted website separate from the UAntwerp website. 


For conferences or projects you can also have your website hosted on the host servers via E-Campus 

Agreements and guidelines

  • On an externally hosted website, please display the correct house style logo of the official research group, research centre or University of Antwerp in general. All logos can be found on the Style Guide website.
  • Please provide a link to your research group, centre or faculty website on Add the hyperlink to a meaningful piece of text, such as the name of your research group or ‘University of Antwerp’.
  • If you collect personal data through the external website, please make sure you comply with the privacy legislation. Here are the privacy guidelines we use for
  • Use content and images that are professional and correct.
  • Conference? Advertise it on 
    •   Ask the web editor of your research group or faculty to publish a calendar item on with a link to your external website. 
    •   Announce the conference on the homepage of your research group or faculty. The web editor of your research group or faculty can help you with this.