Personal pages


Every staff member at the University of Antwerp has an introductory page on the external website which provides information about their professional activities.

You can find these personal pages using the staff member search function under "Contact" or by typing in name-surname.

Start page

Your personal start page is automatically generated based on the data stored in PeopleSoft. You can also customise your start page to a certain extent:

  • introduction
  • photo
  • business card title (orange title)
  • social media

Learn how to add an intro and change the orange title in a couple of clicks


All staff members can choose whether to post their official staff photo, a photo of their own choosing or no photo at all. If a photo is shown, it must be a professional, recognisable image of the staff member.

Learn how to change your photo in a couple of clicks

My website

Every member of staff also has a ‘My website’ tab on their personal page. You can rename and develop this tab by adding extra information about your professional activities at the University of Antwerp.

Learn how to change 'My website' in a couple of clicks

Education / Research / Publications / Services

Information will be given under the ‘Education’, ‘Research’, ‘Publications’ and ‘Services’ tabs if details are available in SisA, the research database, the academic bibliography and PeopleSoft. The tabs where each staff member can determine what is published is the 'Publications' and ‘Services’ tab.

Read the manual (pdf - 1Mb)

First aid for personal pages

All the practical information you need about customising and adapting your personal pages can be found in two manuals, available in English.

Do you need some help organising your information? Maybe one of the local web editors can help you.

If you have a lot of information to develop under ‘My website’ and there is no local web editor to help you, please send an email to : maybe you can still register for a web training session.