We are hoping that the University of Antwerp website will receive an AnySurfer quality label, which recognises websites that are accessible to people of all abilities and disabilities.

In order to receive this quality label the website must meet a number of conditions, both technical and editorial.

It is therefore important that all content managers follow the guidelines below consistently and conscientiously:

  • Write meaningful links (see also Tip 7 in the web editing tips).
  • Always specify the file type (Word, pdf, jpg, etc.) in the link text if you make a file available for download. You should also specify the size of the file.
    Please note: file type and size should be written in brackets after the call to action and included in the link.
    e.g. Download the brochure (pdf – 5MB)
  • Subheadings should always be presented using the ‘Heading 2’ setting in the ‘Layout’ editor.
  • Use lists (see also Tip 6).
  • Make sure all images have a meaningful ‘alt tag’ or ‘alternative text’. These tags can be read by text-to-speech software and should describe what is in the picture.
    Each tag can have a maximum of 80 characters, so the words should be chosen carefully. It is not necessary to use full sentences.
    If an image is being used as a link, then the link target should be described in the alt tag. In other words, make it clear what will happen if the user clicks on the image.
    e.g. a print icon should have the alt tag ‘Print’ rather than the descriptive ‘Printer’.
    One general description is sufficient for photo albums and galleries. Individual alt tags for each picture can be left empty.
    Complex images such as charts and diagrams should be described in words. This can be done on a separate page linked to the image.

  • Tables should be clear and understandable when read line by line.
  • Video and sound:
    Include a short introduction outlining the content of the video or audio clip.
    You should also provide a text version of everything that is said and a description of what is happening in the clip.
    Make sure that all videos have subtitles.