Publicaties in de kijker

Cyber dating abuse victimization among secondary school students from a lifestyle-routine activities theory perspective
Van Ouytsel Joris   Ponnet Koen   Walrave Michel  
Journal of interpersonal violence - ISSN 0886-2605-33:17 (2018) p. 2767-2776
Measuring and improving safety culture in organisations : an exploration of tools developed and used in Belgium
van Nunen Karolien   Reniers Genserik   Ponnet Koen  
Journal of risk research - ISSN 1366-9877-21:5 (2018) p. 622-644
When workplace bullying goes online : construction and validation of the Inventory of Cyberbullying Acts at Work (ICA-W)
Vranjes Ivana   Baillien Elfi   Vandebosch Heidi   Erreygers Sara   De Witte Hans  
European journal of work and organizational psychology - ISSN 1359-432X-27:1 (2018) p. 28-39
Bibliometric analysis of safety culture research
van Nunen Karolien   Li Jie   Reniers Genserik   Ponnet Koen  
Safety science - ISSN 0925-7535-108 (2018) p. 248-258
Shall I call, text, post it online or just tell it face-to-face? How and why Flemish adolescents choose to share their emotions on- or offline
Vermeulen Johanna   Vandebosch Heidi   Heirman Wannes  
Journal of children and media - ISSN 1748-2798-12:1 (2018) p. 81-97

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