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How would you like to donate?

There are various ways of supporting the University of Antwerp financially depending on your personal wishes and the amount you would like to donate.

In addition to the existing options (chair, named fund, research centre), we can also develop tailor-made "packages". Contact the University Fund staff for more information.

Examples include:


  • An award for a specific initiative at the University of Antwerp, e.g. a good dissertation in a particular field
  • An activity such as a conference or workshop, which can be developed for a sponsor who wishes to donate a one-off sum


Sponsoring events, infrastructure. In the case of sponsorships, the return is clearly specified in a contract between the two parties.


You can make a donation to the University of Antwerp by transferring any amount to account number 735-0079976-36 in the name of Universiteit Antwerpen, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen, and including “donation” in the reference field. You will receive a certificate for your tax return if your donation is €40 or more.

Named funds

A named fund can be set up by making available financial support for research, education and/or scientific services. A fund can be established in various ways and for a range of purposes:

  • Developing knowledge within a specific field of research
  • Awarding a prize or scholarship to particular students
  • Funding research tools
  • Facilitating study trips.
  • Offering international students the opportunity to study at the University of Antwerp
  • Providing financial support to underprivileged students

If a business, organisation or financier wishes to provide financial support for academic activities but not by means of a chair, this is called a "named fund". More specific names or titles can be devised for this fund, such as fellowship, grant, stipend, conference, etc.

Such a fund can be of limited or unlimited duration. A named fund is usually established for a period of at least two years. Higher amounts and longer terms are also possible.

If a named fund is intended to run for an unlimited period of time, a maximum of 5% of the fund's capital is used to achieve the fund's objectives each year.  You can also choose to use only the fund's revenue (from interest, dividends, etc.) to fund the activity of your choice.

Named research centres

Establishing a research centre provides researchers at the University of Antwerp with greater financial leeway for their research. The allocated amount must ensure that an entire research team can operate for at least five years. The sponsor can request that the research be named after himself or herself, or a company, or someone whose memory they wish to honour.

A contract is then drawn up. The University of Antwerp retains the property rights to the research results produced. Donors can also choose to make a bequest or a donation. Check the detailed descriptions of each procedure for more information.

The Research Board is in charge of defining the new research centre's scientific content, in accordance with the sponsor's wishes. This task can also be delegated to the research commissions or departments concerned, however.

The research centre's academic coordinator is appointed according to the provisions laid out in the 'Basisnota Academische Structuur'.


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