Who are we?

The University of Antwerp Fund is the driving force behind sponsorship at the University of Antwerp. Operating from a philanthropic perspective, the fund helps to put many societal issues on the map.

And that’s important, because our society needs well-founded scientific and soci(et)al expertise. Curing cancer, improving air quality, fighting depression... these are just a few examples of the kinds of research the University of Antwerp Fund is actively pursuing.

What does the University of Antwerp Fund do?

The University of Antwerp Fund creates solutions for tomorrow today, by allowing companies, associations and individuals to contribute to society. Without support from people like you, the University of Antwerp could not have the scientific and societal impact it has today.

What is the University of Antwerp Fund working towards?

The University of Antwerp Fund wants to continue to grow and be a successful platform where society meets science, based on three pillars:

  • raising awareness and highlighting the societal importance of scientific research, education and service provision;
  • building a community of donors and contributors who help the fund succeed and achieve its goals;
  • promoting corporate social responsibility together with the business community, associations and private individuals, deploying financial resources for soci(et)al and scientific research.

Caring about tomorrow today

The University of Antwerp Fund is forward-looking, progressive and open-minded, albeit with a critical eye. After all, tomorrow's scientific and societal challenges may be very different from the ones we face today.

We live in a rapidly evolving and constantly changing society, where new challenges are always just around the corner. We must continue to invest in groundbreaking innovative research, education and services that benefit all of society. That's why all of us should care about tomorrow today.