Medicine and Health Sciences


The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Antwerp promotes public health through education, research and services about which it communicates transparently at all times. It reflects on medicine and health through evidence-based action and opts for an open, interdisciplinary approach. The faculty has a strong international dimension. In the Antwerp region, it inspires and encourages collaboration and network building in healthcare, for which it takes the initiative.

The faculty emphasises the following in its various tasks, i.e. education, research and services:

  • a link between education, research and clinical practice
  • an interdisciplinary approach
  • an international dimension

The faculty's core values are:

  • acquiring and developing knowledge and skills, critically reflecting upon them and taking action whilst being critical throughout
  • contributing to the organisation's openness, which is aimed at collaboration
  • striving for quality in the broadest sense

Important target groups for the faculty include students, lecturers, researchers, staff members, alumni, healthcare professionals and society in the broadest possible sense, both on a regional and international level.

The faculty's key disciplines are medicine, health, healthcare and health sciences.

Download the full mission and vision statement (pdf - 317 kB).