Contacts at the Faculty of Arts

Contacts for international students at the Faculty of Arts:


The Helpdesk for International Students can assist you with any questions you may have about education.

Study Programme Counsellor

The study programme counsellors help with questions about your study programme and guard your study progress.

You can request a meeting with the study programme counsellor through the Faculty of Arts Helpdesk ("Submit a ticket"). Specify this in the subject line.


Any questions regarding the Erasmus exchange programme should be directed to Carine Coolsaet or Dominique Van Droogbroeck. You can contact them through the general email address

Academic coordinator for internationalisation: Christiane Stallaert


For each study programme there is a specific ombudsperson whom you can contact.

The ombudsperson helps with education and exam problems. They mediate between the students and professors.


Bart Tritsmans, Lith Lefranc and Reinoud Vermoesen

Multilingual Professsional Communication

Lauranne Staquet and Katrien Verreycken

Literature and Linguistics

Valerie Rousseau and Edith Cassiers

Applied Linguistics / Translation and Interpreting

Bachelor: Line Magnus and Wim Haagdorens
Master translation: Nelly Gebreneva and Line Magnus
Master interpreting and EMCI: Nelly Gebreneva and Line Magnus


Jasper Van De Vijver