Valorisation is a key aspect of research at the Faculty of Science. In this context spinoff companies are of importance. Spinoffs are academic companies that transform scientific knowledge into applications for commercial use.

The spinoffs of the Faculty of Science are:

Innocens (2022): AI based Clinical Decision Support System for Neonatal Intensive Care

Innocens is a spin-off company from the University Hospital Antwerp/University Antwerp founded. Their vision is to improve care by providing healthcare workers explainable insights on their growing landscape of available clinical data. Innocens developed an AI based Clinical Decision Support System for Neonatal Intensive Care that keeps the healtcare worker in the lead of her/his decision. The digital health worker provides a 24/7 risk prediction and explains its reasoning. The technology is privacy compliant and scalable to different intensive care settings. Innocens technology improves your clinical insights and enriches your data to create a continuous improving environment. The vision of Innocens is to aid decision-making of healthcare workers taking care of vulnerable infants. Together we create value to what all of us consider most valuable in our life!

ImmuneWatch (2021): Determines the target of T-cell receptors

Immunewatch is a Belgium based spin-off of the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp University Hospital, aiming to accelerate the development of vaccines and therapies by making immune repertoire data interpretable and clinically actionable. Using bio-informatics and artificial intelligence, Immunewatch determines the target of T-cell receptors (TCR), leading to​ improved prediction and monitoring of the immune response. By sequencing and analyzing the TCR repertoire, the team provides their customers with a better understanding of T-cell responses in the fields of infectious diseases, oncology and auto-immunity.

Garvis (2021): Bionic AI planning platform

Garvis is a bionic forecasting solution that combines transparent artificial intelligence with the insights of the planner for real-time data analysis. This allows to reduce the forecast error with 30% and allows enterprises to provide a better service with less time and less stock. Garvis has a big impact on the bottom line of an enterprise and can be implemented in less than 24 hours.


​Deltaray (2019): 3D Xray-technologie

Deltaray BV is a new class leader in the market of Quality 4.0 inspection for critical parts production. They offer a 3D X-RAY breakthrough technology that provides uncompromised defect-detection at the precision and speed desired by producers.

Shavatar (2019): Technology generates 3D body shape

Shavatar’s technology generates your 3D body shape with an average accuracy of 7mm without the need for a scanner. The model is being applied to provide size & fit recommendations while shopping online for clothing, reducing the number of returns and improving the online shopping experience.​

iFlux (2017): Measurements soil contamination

Complex soil contamination is often accompanied by an endless and expensive remediation process, caused by the uncertainty about how it is actually spreading below ground. Our technology measures the speed and direction of contaminant spreading underground over a certain period. 

Froomle (2016): Software based on data science

Froomle believes user experiences should be much smarter and more relevant than they are today. Froomle's machine learning software enables consumer-facing companies to make their user experiences smart and relevant based on historical interaction data.

BrightSpec NV/SA (2012): Nuclear and X-ray instrumentation

Combines vast technical experience in the field of radiation detection and engineering with widespread proficiency in sales and marketing of nuclear and X-ray instrumentation. Furthermore, the group possesses a good knowledge of modern programming techniques, programming structures and algorithms, databases and data communications, computer and IT technologies.

icoMetrix (2011): Imaging Techniques and analysis methods

icoMetrix offers advanced image processing needed for the quantitative analysis of biomedical images.

​HI10 Security Integrations (2010): Data security and cloud systems architecture

Data security, cloud systems' architecture, security and efficiency by delivering optimal solutions: integration digital signatures, cloud security projects, BC / DR plans.

Mu Technologies (2007): Sound modeling and analysis

​Develops and distributes innovative software and hardware applications and technology for analysis, modeling, and synthesis of sound waves.

Status: exit

​Meshbone (2009): Wireless networking technology

Meshbone, formerly Wishbone, delivers user-friendly, robust and secure wireless mesh network solutions providing a communications infrastructure in buildings, campuses and "event areas" without any kind of cabling.

DCI Labs (2001): High Content Screening

​Develops software and services for 'high content screening' and cellular assays based on state of the art imaging techniques.

Tech Transfer

The Tech Transfer Office (TTO) provides the link between academia and industry. Their service facilitates the transfer of the unique knowledge and innovative technologies developed at Antwerp University Association (AUHA) institutions to the business sector.