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Research Day

Research Day 2023

On Friday 27 October 2023  the faculty organises  its 13h  Research Day, during which research in the life sciences will be discussed. It concerns research in pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences, biochemistry & biotechnology and veterinary sciences. Recently appointed professors will present their research and advanced PhD-students their research results.


Friday 27 October 2023


Universiteit Antwerpen
Campus Drie Eiken
Aula Fernand Nedée (building Q)
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk

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Programma 2023

Information Sessions Master Students & Poster Session Research Groups

During the ongoing poster session students can consult the research groups' posters. From 10 am till 12 pm the participating research groups will be represented by a member of the group. All sessions take place in building Q on Campus Drie Eiken.

9 - 10 a.m.: Biochemistry & Biotechnology, PromotiezaalResearch project and Master thesis with traineeship - studying abroad                                        

10 - 11 a.m.: Biomedical Sciences, PromotiezaalMaster thesis with internship - internship abroad - Erasmus                                                 

9 - 10 a.m.: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Aula FNMaster thesis (K. Foubert, H. De Loof)                                      

10 - 11 a.m.: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Aula FN

Advanced Master programmes: Doctoral Training (W. Martinet), Hospital Pharmacy (I. De  Meester), Industrial Pharmacy (F. Kiekens), Advanced Master of Laboratory Medicine (I. De Meester)

Presentations Research Day 2023

13h00:   Prof. dr. Chris Van Ginneken,  vice- dean


Session 1:

13h10-13h40: “Generation of oocytes from stem cells, an ambitious game changer for fertility preservation, in both animals and humans”,  Prof. dr  Ruth Appeltant

13h40-13h55: “A Trojan horse strategy to make tumors ferroptosis sensitive”, Ine Koeken (PhD-student Department Biomedical Sciences)

13h55-14h10: “Evaluation of functional and molecular markers of doxorubicin-induced cardiovascular toxicity”, Matthias Bosman  (PhD-student Department Pharmaceutical Sciences)

14h10-14h25 : “Risk factors associated with severe rsv infection in infants: what is the role of viral co-infections?” Kim Stobbelaar (PhD-student Department Biomedical Sciences)

 14.25 – 14.55: “Dissecting the role of human microglia in neurodegeneration”, Prof. dr. Renzo Mancuso

15h-15h30:  break

Session 2:

15h30-16h00: " Pyroptosis in Infections and Auto-inflammatory Diseases", Prof. dr. Andy Wullaert

16h-16h15: “Phytochemical and analytical investigations on Maca (Lepidium meyenii)”, Ngoc Thao Tien LE (PhD-student Department Pharmaceutical Sciences)

15h15-16h30: “The impact of drenching on the pre-weaning resilience of low birth weight piglets”, Kevin Van Tichelen  (PhD-student Department Veterinary Sciences)

16h30-16h45: " IMPRESS: Improved Methylation Profiling using Restriction Enzymes and smMIP sequencing, Combined with a New Biomarker Panel, Creating a Multi-Cancer Detection Assay”, Thomas Vanpoucke (PhD-student Department Biomedical Sciences)      

16h45:  Prof. dr. Koen Augustyns, dean

               Closing remarks



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