Institute of Development Policy

Policy Plan 2021-2025

In line with the previous policy plan, and in execution of its mission statement, IOB wants to maintain, renew and further expand its own niche in development studies.

As elaborated in our vision text and in the perspective of a critical contribution to Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Development Goals, IOB wants to make a meaningful contribution to the realisation of a just and sustainable world. It wants to do this through relevant and high-quality researchand education, innovative global partnerships and strategic engagement in political decision-making processes from the local to the global level.

In 2020, a renewed management agreement was concluded between the Flemish Community and the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB). As agreed, IOB drafted a new Policy Plan (in Dutch) in 2020. This document is the English translation of an excerpt of IOB’s Policy Plan 2021-2025. In this extract, we focus on IOB’s broader policy principles, but also on more concrete strategies in the fields of education, research, international collaboration and knowledge brokering.