Just before the start of the second semester, about 30 exchange students attended the Linguapolis language course 'Survival on Arrival'. This course enables them to be able to do some basic things in Dutch during their semester at UAntwerp, such as introducing themselves, going shopping and ordering food and drink.

For three days, they were immersed in intensive Dutch lessons with lots of enjoyable exercises and a hearty dose of culture. The students came not only from Europe (Germany, Finland, Hungary, Italy Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland) but from all over the world (Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, South Africa). As seen in the picture, they also enjoyed typical Belgian specialities such as chicory, cheese, chocolate and beer.

The course was a big success. As one student put it:

The course was very well structured, great for learning Dutch and getting to know fellow students :)