Learn a new language at Linguapolis

Linguapolis believes in the power of language. Language is a tool: it creates opportunities, enhances talents and opens doors. Language is also something that can be learnt, which is where Linguapolis comes in.

Want to learn a new language or give your language skills a boost? Register for a language course at Linguapolis. 

What do we offer?

  • High-quality language courses with lots of interaction and dynamic teaching methods
  • Fast results: learn a lot in a short period of time
  • Motivated and enthusiastic teachers

More about the Linguapolis approach.

On campus or online?  

  • We are planning to teach all courses starting in October in person, on campus. 
  • If you want to study English, French or Spanish, you can opt for a mix of online and on-campus lessons, with one of each per week.
  • The Spanish and Dutch beginner courses can be taken entirely online.

Check the webpage for each language to find out whether the course will take place on campus, online or both.

FAQ corona measures 

Read the FAQ about the corona measures and the language courses.

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