Are you a student? Or have you already graduated?
Do you have experience of learning languages at school?
Do you like learning in groups?
And are you prepared to study and practise at home?

If so, our approach could be right for you:

  • Our language courses are aimed at the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • We test your prior knowledge so you start in the right group.
  • We combine traditional methods with modern techniques, so there is something for all learners.
  • Digital educational technology supports the learning process both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Current affairs and culture also play an important role in our lessons.

Active and communicative

  • In our classes you learn actively.
  • Pair work and group work are key aspects of this active learning.
  • We create maximum opportunities to practise with very practical tasks.
  • We focus on communication and correctness.

Efficient and varied

  • We believe in the power of face-to-face instruction: personal interaction with the language teachers and learning with and from each other.
  • We focus on guided distance learning where and when necessary and useful.
  • The lessons are taught in the target language from the start, and the pace is high. That means you can learn a lot in a short period.

Autonomy and coaching

  • We expect you to take responsibility for your own learning.
  • We offer a learning environment with plenty of differentiation, constructive feedback and a team of qualified, experienced language teachers.

This mix guarantees great learning results and learning pleasure and is rewarded with a certificate.
Welcome to Linguapolis!

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