Or rather: editing. Linguapolis proofreaders not only correct spelling mistakes and typos, but also carry out thorough editing of sentence structure, grammar, word choice, punctuation and style

Proofreading is done on texts written in the target language. So there is no source text available in another language. The proofreader reviews the structure of the text, wording, consistency, academic style, target audience, etc. and contacts the author/client whenever necessary. It includes more than just checking grammar and spelling. Proofreading is recommended for documents written by multiple authors or for correcting and refining academic texts with a view to publication in scientific journals or on a website. 

As a university language institute, Linguapolis is specialised in correcting academic texts intended for publication in scientific journals. During proofreading, we can take the journal’s instructions for authors into account if necessary. 

Being a native speaker doesn’t make someone an expert in the language. Our proofreaders are professionally trained, expert native speakers with lots of experience

Want to know more? Please email us your text (or a draft) and we’ll gladly prepare a no-obligation price quotation. We can also edit a short sample of your text to give you an idea of the finished product. See example below. 

Want to learn to write better texts yourself? Have a look at the coaching and Academic English courses we offer.