On December 1st 2020, the ‘Tilman - Olive polyphenols and Cardiovascular health’ Chair was started, founded with the support of Tilman, a Belgian pharmaceutical laboratory. This chair specifically focuses on the study of olive extracts and polyphenols (Olea Europaea) and their function in maintaining cardiovascular health. The research will be carried out between 2020 and 2022 with prof. Dr. Nina Hermans as chair holder.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the main global causes of death, and in Belgium still the most important one. More specifically, this chair will research the effects of olive polyphenols both through clinical studies in metabolic syndrome patients with increased blood lipid levels and slightly raised blood pressure, and using oxidative stress and inflammation models. Also, the biotransformation of olive polyphenols by the human gut microbiome will be studied in a validated GIDM Colon model, and it will be examined whether the formed metabolites contribute to the positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

  • Chair Holder: Prof. Dr. Nina Hermans
  • Faculty: Pharmaceutical, biomedical and veterinary sciences​
  • Active: since December 2020
  • Partner: Tilman