USOS strives for equal partnerships with academic partners in the global South in terms of poverty reduction, protection of human rights and global environmental and economic sustainability. Our partners are universities or research centres. The collaborations are long-term in nature.

DR Congo

USOS strengthens the research capacity of the Université Catholique de Bukavu with training and coaching and invests directly in the Centre of Mines Management Expertise (CEGEMI), which provides insights into the Congolese mining sector. 


USOS provides fellowships for young researchers at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) and the affiliated research NGO Nitlapan, which carries out research into rural development.


USOS cooperates with Université Mohamed Premier (UMP) in Oujda. USOS was involved in the launch of the Sociology programme and is currently helping to develop the postgraduate programme: licence professionnelle: management and médiation sociale.


USOS has worked with the Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS) in Jharkand since 1985 and with the National Law University (NLU) in Delhi since 2010. The collaborations enable knowledge and student exchange.   

The partnership focuses on human rights and trade unions.