AHLEC - Antwerp Health Law and Ethics Chair

AHLEC stands for Antwerp Health Law and Ethics Chair.

This chair has three objectives:


To encourage independent, high-quality and critical research in the field of health law and ethics, including through more PhDs, publications and recommendations.


To provide excellent education through a post-academic programme in Health Law and Ethics, with a modular system open to physicians, pharmacists, nurses, paramedics, staff members, directors, the insurance sector, hospital attorneys, advocates, magistrates, the government and students (effective 2014–2015).


To organise conferences, evening study sessions and expert seminars as academic platforms for interdisciplinary discussion on topics from the field of health law and ethics.


Postgraduate Gezondheidsrecht en Gezondheidsethiek

Mevr. Ingrid De Bruyn
Venusstraat 23, 2000 Antwerpen

Anwerp Health Law and Ethics Chair

Dr. Evelien Delbeke
Coördinator AHLEC