Also this year we would like to promote four DHM awards at the 8th International Digital Human Modeling Symposium 2023  as:

  1. Best Paper Award
  2. Most Innovative Research Award
  3. Women in DHM Award
  4. Junior Research Award

DHM2022 were as follow:

  • Best Paper Award: Xianlian Alex Zhou for "Prediction of Walking Kinematics and Muscle Activities under Idealized Lower Limb Exoskeleton Assistances" by Neethan Ratnakumar, Vinay Devulapalli, Niranjan Deepak, and Xianlian Alex Zhou.
  • Most Innovative Research Award: Sandra Alemany for "A Methodology to Obtain Anthropometric Measurements from 4D Scans" by Jordi Uriel, Ana Ruescas, Alfredo Ballester, Eduardo Parrilla, Alfredo Remón, and Sandra Alemany.
  • Women in DHM Award: Yeeun Kang for "Optimization of Nucleus Pulposus Removal Rate in the Intervertebral Disc during Artificial Nucleus Replacement Using Lumbar Finite Element Model Simulation” by Yeeun Kang, Jaemin Kim, and Junghwa Hong.
  • Junior Research Award: Hyeyeong Song for “The Study of Endolymph Flow and Hair Cell Control Analysis Simulation Model through Electromagnetic Fields” by Hyeyeong Song, Soonmoon Jung, and Junghwa Hong.


  • Best paper award: Can a numerical digital human finger model predict subjective comfort rating of handheld products? - (Gregor Harih, Vasja Plesec)
  • Most Innovative Research Award: Application of using 4D scanning technologies in biomechanics (Helios De Rosario, Sofia Scataglini, Fermín Basso, Sandra Alemany, Wim Saeys, Steven Truijen)
  • Junior Research Award: Simulation of ergonomic assembly through a Digital Human Modeling software - (Henrik Söderlund, Leonard Bogojevic, Liang Gong, Björn Johansson, Roland Örtengren)
  • Women in DHM: Joint Movement Assessment Applied to Unilateral Amputee Cycling - (Heloísa Seratiuk Flores, Wen Liang Yeoh , Kyosuke Morinaga , Satoshi Muraki)