DHM Day 1: September 4, 2023

9:30-10:30: Opening ceremony with a keynote

10:30-12:15: Product / task development and performance evaluation using DHM - I

Towards enhanced functionality and usability of giving manikin task instructions in a DHM toolPeter Mårdberg, Dan Högberg, Johan S. Carlson and Rikard Söderberg Sweden
Workwear with Loosely Coupled IMU Sensors for Posture Classification During Assembly Tasks: A Pilot StudyMarkus Peters and Sascha Wischniewski Germany
Effectiveness of The Exo4Work shoulder exoskeleton on full-body musculoskeletal loading – a case study in the workplaceArthur Van der Have, Sam Van Rossom,  Ilse Jonkers Belgium
Augmented operations and virtual user  manuals  for complex industrial  systems: a human centered perspectiveGiuseppe Mincolelli, Gian Andrea Giaobone, Silvia ImbesiItaly
Analysis of muscoloskeletal loads during prolonged sitting in the desk workAkinari Hirao, Hayato Uchidaand Takeo KatoJapan

12:15-13:30: Lunch Break

13:30-15:20: DHM based anthropometry

Bridging the gap between body scanning and ergonomic simulation of human body interaction in autonomous car interiorsJorge Valero , Sofía Iranzo, Jordi Uriel, Alfredo Ballester, Jose Solaz,Sa- muel Baudu, Sandra AlemanySpain
Automated investigation of the breast – bra interaction using 4D scan data and oscillation analysisAnn-Malin Schmidt, Reinhard Schmidt, Grethel Surabe Iturralde Gonzalez, and Yordan KyosevGermany
Comparing weighting algorithms for anthropometric datasets to enable the generation of representative digital human modelsAlexander Ackermann, Sascha WischniewskiGermany
Application of using 4D scanning technologies in biomechanicsHelios De Rosario, Sofia Scataglini, Fermín Basso, Sandra Alemany, Wim Saeys, Steven TruijenSpain
A workflow for deforming external body shapes with the help of an anatomically correct skeletal modelAlejandra Polanco, Yoann Lafon, Georges Beurier,Junfeng Peng, and Xuguang WangFrance

15:20-15:45: Coffee break

15:45-16:40: DHM in automotive I

Modelling neck postural stabilization using optimal control techniques for dynamic drivingChrysovalanto Messiou, Georgios Papaioannou, and Riender HappeeNetherlands
Computationally efficient human body modelling for real time motion comfort assessmentRaj Desai, Marko Cvetković, Junda Wu, Georgios Papaioannou, Riender HappeeNetherlands
Preferred postures for doing non driving related activities in reclined seating configurations in highly automated vehiclesShabahang Shayegan, Xuguang Wang, Lisa Denninger, Georges BeurierFrance

16:45-17:45: TC meeting

18:30-20:00: Dinner

DHM Day 2: September 5, 2023

09:30-10:00: Welcome and introduction

10:00-12:15: DHM in biomechanics

Joint-Based Metabolic  Energy Expediture for Physiolgy Simulation in Digital Human Avatars
Garrett Tuer, Nathan Pickle, Nathan Broyles, James Yang, Ryan Middle, Gary Zientar, and Paulien Roos
Estimation of Upper-Limb Joint Torques in Static and Dynamic Phases for Lifting Tasks
Hasnaa Ouadoudi Belabzioui, Charles Pontonnier, Georges Dumont , Pierre Plantard , Franck Multon
 Does the initial guess affect the estimations of knee legaments properties via optimization procedures?
Ilias Theodorakos and Mickael Skipper Andersen
Influence of experimental protocol  and the optimization  method on  the non invasive  estimation of knee ligaments properties
Ilias Theodorakos and Mickael Skipper Andersen
Joint Movement Assessment Applied to Unilateral Amputee Cycling
Heloísa Seratiuk Flores, Wen Liang Yeoh , Kyosuke Morinaga , Satoshi Muraki
Real time 3D human body skeleton extraction from videos using improved YOLOv5
Miri Weiss Cohen

12:15-13:30: Lunch Break

13:30-15:20: DHM in biomechanics II

Finite elements of the donning phase on prosthetic socket for transfemoral amputee
Michele Bertolini, Chiara Moreschini, Paolo Siffredi, Giorgio Colombo, Marco Rossoni
Comparison of wearable inertial sensors and RGB-D cameras for ergonomic risk assessment
Marianna Ciccarelli,  Cecilia Scoccia, Matteo Forlini,  Alessandra Papetti, Giacomo Palmieri, Michele Germani
Validation of computationally estimated human body seat contact forces during sitting
Ilias Theodorakos and Xuguang Wang
France, Denmark
Critical appraisal of  using digital  human model , virtual human, human digital twin and digital twin
Sofia Scataglini, Steven Truijen 
Analysing Gyroscopic Balance Support in Full-body Human Models based on Predictive Simulations
Andre ́s F. Hidalgo, Davide Geoffrey Svampa, and Nikhil Deshpande

15:20-15:45: Coffee break

15:45-16:30: DHM in biomechanics III

The modelling of bariatric populations in Digital Human Modelling systemsStephen Summerskill, Annabel Masson, Jon Mason, Joshua Fox, Russell Marshall, Diane GyiUK
Living space simulator: visualizing estimations of childhood injury risk based on geometric reachabilityNatsuki Miyata,  Fumiya Endo , and Yusuke Maeda Japan

16:30-17:30: Network activity

18:30-20:00: Dinner

DHM Day 3: September 6, 2023

10:00-10:30: Welcome and introduction

10:30-12:15: Product / task development and performance evaluation using DHM - II

Can a numerical digital human finger model predict subjective comfort rating of handheld products?
Gregor Harih, Vasja Plesec
Towards an approach for a holistic ergonomic work design using physical and cognitive digital human models
Nele Russwinkel, Michael Spitzhirn, Wolfram Remlinger, Martin Fleischer
Simulation of ergonomic assembly through a Digital Human Modeling software
Henrik Söderlund, Leonard Bogojevic, Liang Gong, Björn Johansson, Roland Örtengren
Considering individual abilities and age-related changes in digital production planning using digital human models
Michael Spitzhirn, Sascha Ullmann, Lars Fritzsche
Fluid structure interaction modeling of peak expiratory-inspiratory flow in a stented upper airway using experimental data
Hamidreza Mortazavy Beni, Hamed Mortazavi, Sofia Scataglini, Steven Truijen, Mohammad S. Islam and Gunther Paul
Iran, Belgium, Australia

12:15-13:30: Lunch Break

13:30-14:10: DHM in stroke

The effects of music-based rhythmic auditory stimulation on stroke using wearable devices: a pilot studySofia scataglini, Zala Van Dyck , Véronique Declercq , Gitte Van Cleemput , Steven TruijenBelgium
Classification Models in Post-stroke patients based in Human Hand MotionEsteban Peña-Pitarch, Jesús Fernando Padilla-Magaña, Anas Al Omar, Iñaki Alcelay LarriónSpain

14:10-15:00: Presentation only with abstract

Spacesuit Reach Capability and Work Volume Assessment
Han Kim, Elizabeth Bensonn, Yaritza Hernandez, Sudhakar Rajulu
Monitoring of functional recovery of a muscle by free vibration measurement
Agnieszka Tomaszewska, Milena Drozdowska, Piotr Aschenbrenner

15:00-16:00: Closing ceremony and Awards