R workshop

R is a powerful, flexible and open-source software package for statistical data analysis and graphical data representation. In some research domains, such as bioinformatics and biostatistics, R is the most often used program for statistical analysis. Increasingly, implementations of new statistical methodology first appear in R as an add-on package.

The R workshop starts with an online self-study introduction, offered through instruction videos. Subsequently, 3 lectures with hands-on exercises are given in a PC-class. By the time of the first lecture, participants should have completed the online part of the course.

For this course, we offer the possibility to take an exam. For the PhD students in the faculties IOB and Applied Economics, this is a requirement to obtain a credits for these courses, but people from other faculties are allowed as well.
If you are interested in taking the exam, check the wants-to-take-exam-box in the registration form. Participating in the exam costs 10€, which is deduced automatically from your educational credit.