• Research Board Award - Frans Verbeure
    Dr Annick De Backer
  • Scientific Communication Award - Gust Bouwen
    Dr Caroline Masquillier
  • Research Board Award - Laurent Vandendriessche
    Dr Josephina Meester
  • Robert Oppenheimer Award
    Dr Ben Van Duppen
  • Research Board Award - Herman Deleeck
    Dr Joris Van Ouytsel
  • Education Board Award
    Strengthening the Master in Teaching with the learning path in Urban Education
    Prof Tom Smits and Prof Paul Janssenswillen
  • Academic Council for Service to Society Award
    Citizen Science projects (Faculty of Sciences)
    Prof Roeland Samson: AIRbezen 
    Prof Filip Meysman: CurieuzeNeuzen (Curious Noses) Antwerp and CurieuzeNeuzen Flanders
    Prof Sarah Lebeer: Ferme Pekes
    Prof Ivan Janssens: Knappe K(n)oppen (Smart Buds)