Working at the University of Antwerp offers you several advantages:

Work-life balance

The University of Antwerp firmly believes in maintaining a positive work-life balance. We make sure that our employees can combine their private lives with their jobs.

A family-friendly university

The University of Antwerp is a family-friendly university. Taking advantage of rights such as parental leave, time credits or part-time work will not affect the development of your personal career. When planning meetings, family-friendly starting and ending times are taken into account.


Fulltime University of Antwerp employees are entitled to 40 days of holiday every year. In addition to this, all of the university's employees are granted collective leave for 1 week when the university is closed, between Christmas and New Year.

Flexible working hours

Most of the University of Antwerp's employees are permitted to work flexible hours. This system allows you to plan your working hours according to your own preferences and obligations. Naturally, there are always certain limits and you will need the agreement of your supervisor. In some cases, for example with restaurant and library employees, working hours are arranged according to a fixed schedule.



As at all other Flemish universities, the University of Antwerp pay scales are regulated by statutory provisions and vary depending on your position.

The amount of your salary within this salary scale is determined by the number of relevant years of seniority that you can prove by means of employment certificates.

In case of a part-time appointment, the salary is calculated pro rata on the basis of the employment percentage.

Extralegal benefits

University of Antwerp employees enjoy a wide range of extralegal benefits.


The University of Antwerp believes in sustainable mobility. If you use public transport to get to work then the cost of your train and/or bus pass is reimbursed in full. You receive a bicycle allowance of €0.24 per kilometre if you come to work by bike. Flat tyre en route? You can go to the bicycle repair station on the Stadscampus for all minor bike repairs, or the mobile repair stations can come to you on the other campuses.   

Restaurants and cafeterias

All of the university's employees receive, after presentation of your staff card, a discount in the restaurants and cafeterias on each of the campuses. 

Meal vouchers

Employees in administrative or technical positions are entitled to meal vouchers. You receive a €3.30 meal voucher for every full day you work.  


For €35 you can purchase a UAntwerp Move pass. With this pass, you can not only take part in any of the many free sport classes and sport events organised during the academic year, but also receive a big discount on membership of the various sport clubs or gyms. On top of all that you get acces to the many cultural activities that are organised by the university.

Hospitalisation insurance

All employees can sign up for hospitalisation insurance at an attractive rate. This insurance guarantees the reimbursement of all expenses not covered by your health insurance provider in cases of hospitalisation or serious illness. Your family members can also sign up for this insurance plan.

Group insurance

As an contractual ATP and BAP employee at the university, you acquire a supplementary group insurance scheme (pension savings and lump-sum life insurance payment) if you are subject to the Belgian social security system. Student workers, retirees,  doctoral and postdoctoral scholarship holders will not be covered. The group insurance is funded entirely by employer's contributions, so you don't have to contribute yourself. On top the university also provides an income protection insurance for these contractual ATP and BAP employees.

As a statutory employee you acquire pension rights for a civil servant’s pension.


Working parents often have difficulty finding childcare during the school holidays. The University of Antwerp has agreements with various organisers of holiday camps, playgrounds, sports camps and other activities, where university employees can enrol their children at discounted prices.   

Employee association

All employees of the University of Antwerp automatically become members of the employee association, which organises an excursion or activity almost weekly. There is something for everyone in the wide range of theatre performances, museum visits, concerts, guided walks and workshops. In addition, the annual Sinterklaas festivities and the quiz are always a hit.

Internet- connectivity allowance

As an employee with an employment rate of at least 20%, you will receive an internet connectivity allowance of € 20 per month.

Interesting discounts

We are always looking for ways to offer our employees that something extra. Via Benefits at Work, you can save money when buying a new smartphone, a new outfit, planning day trips and more. These favourable conditions apply exclusively to you and your colleagues.

As an employee of the University of Antwerp you receive a 50% discount on ZOO membership, which entitles you to unlimited access to the ZOO Antwerp and ZOO Planckendael, as well as several other discounts.   

Telework allowance

If you can telework, always depends on the telework ability of your job package and the proper functioning of your department.

If you have an employment rate of at least 50% and if you perform at least five full working days of telework per month, you will receive a telework allowance of € 30 per month.