The University of Antwerp firmly believes in maintaining a positive work-life balance. We make sure that our employees can combine their private lives with their jobs. 

A family-friendly university
The University of Antwerp is a family-friendly university. Taking advantage of rights such as parental leave, time credits or part-time work will not affect the development of your personal career. When planning meetings, family-friendly starting and ending times are taken into account.

Fulltime University of Antwerp employees are entitled to 40 days of holiday every year. In addition to this, all of the university's employees are granted collective leave for 1 week when the university is closed, between Christmas and New Year.
Flexible working hours
Most of the University of Antwerp's employees are permitted to work flexible hours. This system allows you to plan your working hours according to your own preferences and obligations. Naturally, there are always certain limits and you will need the agreement of your supervisor. In some cases, for example with restaurant and library employees, working hours are arranged according to a fixed schedule.