AITAXADMIN.EU is a citizen-science repository of the DigiTax Centre of Excellence, which compiles every artificial intelligence algorithms used by tax authorities in the EU. 

The website follows a citizen-science approach, allowing every visitor to contribute to this research by reporting useful additional or new information. Should you have information on other AI tools used by tax administrations, contact us.


EU Overview of AI tax algorithms

Since 2004, Tax administrations in the EU are increasingly making use of machine-learning to perform their fiscal prerogatives. Our interactive map provides an overview of the EU Member States who use AI and the different models leveraged in the EU.

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Individual Country Reports

Machine-learning is used to collect taxpayer data, to visualize networks, to detect risks of fraud, or to segment taxpayers into categories of risks.

Each report describes which types of AI systems are used in an EU Member State, the functions performed by the models, and whether these are subject to specific legal norms.

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Despite being fairly recent, and fairly niche, the use of machine-learning by tax administrations has already been the subject of several litigations in EU Member States. 

These important cases are shaping the future of tax algorithmic governance in the EU.

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