Digital platform

Since 2011 the Special Collections have been digitizing objects from the collection, which can be consulted online through the library’s digital platform. Especially the subjects at the core of our collection of old prints have already been digitized.

At the moment there are about 1800 editions available from the following subjects: 

  • Jesuit publications
  • Renaissance drama
  • Fable literature (Gielen collection)
  • Neo-Latin literature
  • Epistolography
  • Common law
  • Grammar
  • History of science (mathematics, physics, biologie)
  • Incunabula and postincunabula

If an object is available digitally, this will be specified in the catalogue record by the link: "Electronically available from the UAntwerpen Special Collections".

You can also generate a list of all digitized objects on the digital platform. This list can be refined by using the option "Reduce".

Finally, you can also refine a catalogue search to display the electronically available documents only. You can do this by selecting "Carrier" > "Internet/Intranet" in the search bar on the left.

On the platform itself you can view a document in detail, in a viewer.