Academic Heritage at the University of Antwerp

Together with the library, the university archives and the art collection, the academic heritage forms the memory of the University of Antwerp. The academic heritage collection contains scientific instruments, wall charts, computers, medical equipment, geographical maps, slide projectors, minerals and stones, biological preparations, microscopes etc.

The collection of academic heritage at the University of Antwerp is versatile and diverse, it contains objects from all faculties and is preserved on the different  campuses of the university.

A concise history of the academic heritage in Antwerp can be found on the History page. 

What is academic heritage?

Academic heritage is the collective name for all objects that have been used for education or research practices at the university.

It does not only include scientific instruments, but audiovisual equipment and computers as well. In a broad sense all objects related to the functioning of the university can be considered as academic heritage, such as portraits of professors or the sash of a student association.

On the Collections page you can find an overview of the academic heritage at the University of Antwerp.

Academic Heritage 

On 1 March 2017 the University of Antwerp started the registration of its Academic Heritage as part of the Special Collections of the University Library. The objective is to inventorose and to record all academic heritage objects of the university and its associated partners. 

Where can I see academic heritage?

The University of Antwerp proudly puts its academic heritage in the spotlight.