My name is Uyen Nguyen, I am from Vietnam, my friends call me Kloé. In 2018, I had a quick visit to Antwerp as a tourist and immediately fell in love with the city!! Then I thought I must return to this city and explore more. So here I am! I have been living in Antwerp since September 2021 as a Master student at the Institute of Development Policy (IOB), University of Antwerp. My past year has been highly exciting, I have been busy with coursework and exams, but also participated in various interesting sport and cultural events organized by the City of Antwerp and the University. I attended the “Antwerp 10 miles” running competition, the biggest annual race in Belgium, where you can have a fun time bonding with friends and family. I attended a PAKT visit organized by MONDO, during the activity, I and my fellow international students were introduced to a green corner of Antwerp where a community grows organic vegetables on their houses’ rooftops. There are many interesting things to find out about Antwerp but they are not always visible in the hustle and bustle of life, and MONDO has helped me found such hidden charm.

If you ask me what to see in Antwerp? I can name many: the Grote Markt with Brabo statue, Nello & Patrasche statue in front of the Cathedral of our Lady, the Scheldt river banks and MAS museum, Chocolate Nation, a tour of Antwerp’s proud De Konick beer brewery and treat yourself to a bolleke, and so on. But one thing that always comes to my mind when thinking about Antwerp, and is actually the very first encounter that made me fall in love with the City, the one that I must mention to everyone when talking about Antwerp – is the Central Station. The Central Station is the last building I see when going on my travels and is the first to welcome me back after every trip. For countless times I have been and will always be captivated by its splendor and magnificence, one of the most beautiful architecture masterpieces in Europe. And I say to myself, I am lucky to be here!