Product-Service Systems

The book, PSS Design and Strategic Rollout | tools for product-service systems (250 pages) accompanies the tools that you can download on this page. It provides the methodology, multiple tools and extra techniques in a specific way - introduction, instruction and inspiration - to support you in the process of designing of facilitation PSS projects.

PSS design process

The tools from the PSS design process in suggested order of use:

Quotes on the book:

“The PSS Design | Strategic Rollout Toolkit covers a spectrum of tools and methodologies that successfully provide a 360-degree approach to a systematic design process. It works well for deep exploration as well as for using the results of one tool to fuel another and increase impact.”

“The choice of the tools is distinctive on synthesis, as well as the build-up and handover between different actors in the PSS system. Moreover, it is applicable in both international contexts and in multidisciplinary fields of application. The tools have been tested with multiple user groups and have been selected to address the wicked problems that companies face in their daily challenges (e.g., internet of things, industry 4.0, big data, social and ecological awareness, wellbeing in general and higher user expectancy levels). The entire PSS toolkit and its templates help structure outcomes and enable readers to implement the tools in their specific context, and overcome barriers for incorporation and implementation.”

“There are different toolkits that include a variety of tools, but this  one has curated the content to cover gaps in the PSS design process and offers relevant tools to enable product | service design practitioners systematically rethinking business as usual. It also dedicates effort to integrating non-designers into a design process with an approachable and professional tone-of-voice.”