Eco(toxico)logical modelling climate change

Organisation: Radboud University, The Netherlands

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jan Hendriks

Hello, my name is Lea Grenc and I am from Slovenia. I am the Doctoral Candidate 4 within the QTOX Network and will conduct my PhD at Radboud University in the Netherlands. I did my master’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have always been interested in aquatic pollution, so I focused my master's thesis on microplastics' impact on duckweed and duckweed's potential for phytoremediation of microplastics. 

As a PhD candidate within the QTOX Network, I will focus on eco(toxico)logical climate change modeling. I will research how temperature affects the toxicity of chemicals in aquatic organisms. This will include toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of individuals and how all that affects populations and communities.