Consortium and Management teams

The Consortium is comprised of 10 academic institutes from different European countries:

  1. Belgium, University of Antwerp, Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (coordinator) (UA)
  2. United Kingdom, Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre (MU)
  3. Sweden, Stockholm University (SU)
  4. Portugal, University of Porto, Center for Research in Education (UPORTO)
  5. Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)
  6. Poland, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Education (UW)
  7. Spain, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
  8. Hungary, Central European University, Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
  9. Austria, Wien University of Economics and Business, Education Science Group (WU)
  10. United Kingdom, University of Sheffield (USFD)

Consortium team meetings

CT I (Antwerp, March 2013): Kick – off meeting

CT II (Porto, January 2014): Discussion of definition ESL, selection of focus regions and focus schools, theory development, mapping of ESL policies, planning of quantitative empirical cycle

CT III (London, March 2015): Discussion of quantitative instrument A1, qualitative instruments

CT IV (Antwerp, February 2016): Discussion of quantitative instruments B & A2, of qualitative instruments, of empirical fieldwork, identification

CT V (Warsaw, March 2017): Discussion of completed fieldwork and quantitative and qualitative analyses

CT VI (Copenhagen, August 2017): ECER