Consortium and Management teams

The Consortium is comprised of 10 academic institutes from different European countries:

  1. Belgium, University of Antwerp, Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (coordinator) (UA)
  2. United Kingdom, Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre (MU)
  3. Sweden, Stockholm University (SU)
  4. Portugal, University of Porto, Center for Research in Education (UPORTO)
  5. Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)
  6. Poland, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Education (UW)
  7. Spain, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
  8. Hungary, Central European University, Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
  9. Austria, Wien University of Economics and Business, Education Science Group (WU)
  10. United Kingdom, University of Sheffield (USFD)

Management team

The Management Team (MT) consists of the core partners of the project, who are also Work package leaders:

UA: General Coordinator, expert in Qualitative Research (WP1, WP4, WP7, WP8, WP9)
MU: Expert in Quantitative Research (WP3)
UW: Expert in data triangulation and implementation and development of conceptual models in education systems (WP5)
UPORTO: Expert in the training of young researchers and provision of services to the community (WP2)
EUR: Expert in policy development (WP6)

The MT guarantees, because of its composition, an interdisciplinary management of the project. The MT will assist the Coordinator in making strategic decisions, in particular situations concerning the scientific content of the project, its implementation and dissemination strategies. It will also overlook the reporting to the EU and the responsibilities of each participant to contribute to reports and other deliverables. More in particular, the MT will assist the Coordinator in:

the preparation and supervision of the project activities and the timeline
the supervision of the quality of the research methodology
the supervision of the quality and content of the research reports
the follow up of the communication with the Commission
the supervision of the reports to the Commission
agreeing to procedures and policies for dissemination of knowledge from the project which is not to be used by the partners
making projects how to act in case of a defaulting partner

Consortium team

The Consortium Team (CT) consists of all the researchers from all partner institutions (Team leaders, Senior researchers, PhD researchers, etc.), who meet at least once a year during the lifespan of the project. The Consortium Team meetings are crucial anchor points of the project because they allow all researchers and partners involved to meet face-to-face discussing the further development of the project.