How much should I pay for the enrolment?

Full-time enrolment (60 ECTS) =  € 2.990 (= €290 + (60 x €45/ECTS)

The tuition fee depends in most cases on the number of credits within your selected study programme. The number of credits for each course subject can be found in the study guide.
If the number of credits in your study programme changes during the academic year (e.g. because you select additional course subjects after your registration), it's possible that your tuition fee will change and that you will receive an additional invoice (or get some money back).

The full tuition fee has be payed when enrolling in person at the enrollment office at the start of the academic year. Payment by instalments in not allowed.

Please note that the payment of the tuition fee has no influence on the status of your enrollment.  Even when ending an enrolment, a full or partial payment of the tuition fee, depending on the taken credits, is still required. Not paying the fee will not cancel your enrolment and the obligation to pay the tuition fee.

How Do I Pay?

Payment for the enrolment happens through bank transfer. You will receive the payment details at the time of enrolment.

Your payment should be done within fourteen days after your enrolment. Otherwise, it's possible that your access to the student portal and the Blackboard learning environment will be disabled and that you are not allowed to participate in the exams.
After your payment, you will receive a student card and study-certificates. Additional certificates can always be obtained from SISA or the student administration.