• Registering for PhD at one of the TransportNET Universities
  • Taking at least 6 credits of courses or equivalent at one of the other TransportNET Universities, or in joint TransportNET courses
  • Spend a one-semester research stay at an other TransportNET University
  • At least one other TransportNET professor in PhD commission
    -> as a consequence at least three TransportNET members should be involved
  • Thesis in English


We offer:

  • Thorough supervision by dedicated TransportNET professors
  • Sets of dedicated training and in-depth sector courses, locally and jointly
  • Physical support through full library access in all TransportNET Universities
  • Help in searching for funds to stay
  • Help in searching for accommodation
  • Exchange with other TransportNET staff and PhD fellows


Enquiry procedure:

  • You send the TransportNET secretariat a proposal first, of about one page, including objective, research question, approach, and expected type of outcomes. Please also add a CV of yours.  
  • The secretariat will then check whether any supervisor is willing and has the available capacity to guide you on that topic.
  • Most TransportNET institutions require that first, a doctoral program is followed. You will be informed on whether that is required in your case.


Upcoming and Past TransportNET PhD's

Upcoming PhD's

  • Anna Karamigkou, University of the Aegean, "A model estimating the potential demand foralternative fuel technologies in urban transport"
  • Katrien De Langhe: UAntwerp

Past PhD's

  • Jan Ihrig: "Spatial disaggregation in transport modelling - Modelling Europe with more than 100,000 travel zones", 19 November 2018, KIT
  • Florent Laroche: "Political Economy of Railway infrastructure", 4 December 2014, LET
  • Paresa Markianidou: "The Relationship between Trade and Container Flows" University of Antwerp, 14 February 2012
  • Regina Witter: "Public Urban Transport, Mobility Patterns and Social Exclusion - the case of Santiago de Chile" EPFL, 27 April 2012 
  • Alessio Tei: "The impact of Port Concession on Port Competitiveness"  University of Genoa, 3 April 2012
  • Monica Grosso: "The Competitiveness of Intermodal Transport: Applications on European Corridors" University of Genoa, University of Antwerp, 16 December 2011
  • Edwin Van Hassel: "Developing a Small Barge Convoy to Reactivate the use of the Small Inland Waterway Network" University of Antwerp, 15 November 2011 
  • David Guillermo Carrillo Murillo: "Demand and Supply Interactions in Transport Models: The Case of Hinterland Transportation" University of Karlsruhe, 5 July 2010