UAntwerp Climate Team

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🌿 Join the Climate Conversation at the University of Antwerp! 🌍 

We're thrilled to invite you to an inspiring afternoon dedicated to our collective journey towards a sustainable future. The UAntwerp Climate Team proudly presents an engaging event filled with workshops, discussion tables, and open conversations focused on how we, as a university, are acting upon our climate goals. What have we been doing? Are we on track to reach our objectives? What reflections stem from our journey so far? How can we accelerate? What does this mean for our own role as students, researchers, and staff?  

Date: 27 February 2024 

Time: 1.30 pm – 6pm.
*You can choose the activities you wish to participate in.

Location: Stadscampus, Paardenmarkt (S.O.001, Oude Bibliotheek) 

Language: English 

Agenda Highlights

  • In-depth workshops on having Climate Conversations, on Climate Fresk and on low-carbon life (details below

  • Discussion tables to share insights and experiences about current and future Climate Team projects 

  • Enjoy a delightful reception and connect with others 

Please register before 22 February to secure your spot in one or more activities and actively participate in shaping the future of our university.  

Would you like to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new partnerships, and contribute to the ongoing conversation on sustainability? We look forward to meeting you! 

Workshop 1 Climate Change: Causes, Consequences and Solutions (hosted by Climate Fresk)
Workshop 2 Climate Conversations (hosted by KlimaatContact)
16:00-16:30 Climate Team Spotlight (updates, plans and wishes)
16:30-17:30 Thematic Discussion Tables 
17:30-18:00 Reception

Workshops Climate @UAntwerp event

Workshop 1: Climate Change: Causes, Consequences and Solutions (hosted by Climate Fresk) 

In an interactive workshop, we will skim through the main elements of climate change, from the scientific basis to individual and collective action. We will start with a small teaser of the Climate Fresk  to understand the causes and consequences of climate change in a fun and interactive way. We will then visualize the emission reduction required to meet our global climate goals, contextualized into a personal carbon footprint. We will discuss individualcollective and national/global actions to reduce emissions. Participants will become familiar with orders of magnitude of carbon emissions, and the action points that really matter for our global trajectory.  

We will link these concepts with the University of Antwerp, to study what the university can do both to reduce its own footprint, and to help the rest of society reduce its emissions.

Workshop 2: Climate Conversations (hosted by KlimaatContact) 

How to get your fellow students or colleagues interested in taking climate action? How can talking about climate issues remain constructive and connecting, rather than polarising? How to deal best with resistance and difficult emotions?In this 2-hour workshop, we treat six principles for having pleasant climate conversations. We practice conversation skills, dive into the issue of resistance, and learn to identify and avoid common pitfalls (such as wanting to convince people). 

Climate conversations are not something you learn by just listening, this will be an interactive workshop where inspiring conversations are guaranteed!

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