Working groups and Faculty Sustainability Teams

The UAntwerp Climate Team works in a decentralized way. We have established thematic working groups such as food, energy, waste, transport, nature management, divestment and water; and supporting working groups such as the core team that does the coordination, a zero measurement working group that makes a... zero measurement and a communication working group

Every month a plenary meeting is organized with at least one member of every working  group to

  • present ongoing progress to each other,
  • share information and tips,
  • decide on the way forward. 

Hopefully we can soon establish faculty sustainabililty teams in every faculty. 

In the beginning of April, a climate coordinator will be hired to support the organization of the UAntwerp Climate Team. 

In order to make the clockwork tick, we made a manual that explains all practicalities and how we organize ourselves.  

Some more information on: 

Uantwerp Climate Team graph