Opening HPV and STIs training centre

On the 27 May 2015 the HPV and STIs Training Centre for Africa was opened at the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. Setting up this international reference centre was a vision of VLIR-UOS program together with WAKA HPV AFRICA network.

The network is a collaborative network of researchers from sub Saharan Countries and Belgium led by Prof John-Paul Bogers. It was formalized through the NSS-VLIR program funding. With the aim of training individuals from the African countries including South Africa and serve the SMU community and other African countries/institutions through collaborations. This is to strengthen the research in the HPV field and other STIs in African countries/institutions and also to encourage collaborations between these countries/institutions. This vision is made possible by our partner Hologic (ILEX and Separation Scientific), the VLIR-UOS and Department of Virology, Department of Anatomical Pathology and Department of Microbiology (SMU). The event will be co-hosted by ILEX (SA), Separation Scientific (SA) and Hologic.

News article

Article published in SMU News, Issue N°1 - November 2015:

HPV and STI Training Centre for Africa Launched, Dr Lisbeth Lebelo & Mr Padi Matlala (pdf - 1,02MB)